Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience

This book has been 9 years in the making. The first two years were humbling. I learned that I was no longer seen as a physiotherapist - I was a patient, struggling to understand exactly what had changed inside my body. It took eight months for a diagnosis and two years to get the symptoms under control. I am told that I am managing well, compared with those who are not.

The primary motivation for writing this book has been and continues to be my desire to help others. I want to share what I have learned.

Each time I would make a "discovery" about how this complex mechanism actually works, I would be very excited. I thought that, as a physiotherapist, I would have the ability to share this information with others.

I was wrong.

I had become a patient. An older, female patient. Working as a physiotherapist, I thought that I understood my patients... However, there needs to be a very limited "allowable" dialogue between the patient and the clinical professional. The 'assessment' is contained, predictable and limited to a very narrow scope of possible outcomes. Working professionals do not have the time to consider alternate theories or patients who have ideas that are different from theirs. I get this.

I needed to take the long game. Start with the basic science and work through the process of introducing these ideas step-by-step.

Neurologist, Dr. Fast, provided my diagnosis, but he also gave me essential positive feedback about the research I was doing. He gave me the opportunity to work with other patients who have this condition.

I started writing papers. These papers have been published in ODR and they address each of the key elements in my book. For those interested in reading any of these papers, I keep scanned copies on file. I also have a copy of the first referenced article: Aalkjaer G, Scapula Alata as it is no longer available on line.

My book: Scapulothoracic Assessment in Three Simple Steps offers something different. Stepping "outside of the box" will not happen without errors and omissions. I look forward to your feedback and questions. This is how we learn.



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