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scapulothoracic education

Mysterious Winging Scapula - A recovery Plan for Therapists and Their Patients

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Do these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Cannot tolerate repetitive or forceful arm movements, especially overhead
  • Arm feels "weak"
  • Fatigue, shortness of breath, sense of arm "disconnect" or a twisted body
  • Pain in shoulder, but also in back, neck arm or head

These symptoms suggest instability of the chest wall, the most familiar cause of which is long thoracic nerve palsy. 

With an unstable chest wall, diagnostic tests of the shoulder are often negative and complaints of fatigue and shortness of breath are unsubstantiated from a medical perspective.

This complex problem will often require patients and therapists to work together.

This book was written for for both the therapist and the patient. It provides insightful information about this condition and explains how to modify activities and lifestyle to manage symptoms and restore a "new normal". The book also teaches key elements necessary for recovery: movement principles and exercise programs.



Not all people recover. Many make a full recovery. Both outcomes are addressed with advice for every step of the recovery process.